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FormTroopers is a Copenhagen based multi-disciplinary design studio established in 2009.
Since then we've directed and produced work that combine design, animation, live action and visual effects.

At the core of all our projects is the design. Our goal is always to make whatever we are working on look great - and always using whatever techniques and media that are appropriate.

Over the years we have worked on Commercials, Motion Pictures and Television for clients such as Adidas, Formula 1, Pepsi, Discovery Channel and MTV - just to name a few.

We have a sincere desire to create and we love what we do,
and so we take on every job with absolute commitment.

About FormTrooeprs


We can execute a production entirely in house from the board phase, to the shoot, through the animatic to VFX, animation, editorial all the way to final delivery. The following is a more detailed overview of our core services.

Design / Concept

This is where it all starts. Some clients come to us with what they want to produce. In other instances, we will write treatments, scripts, or create storyboards to illustrate a concept. No matter how it is executed, it always starts with an idea.

Motion Graphics / VFX

This is where it all comes together. We are skilled in 2D and 3D animation, compositing and visual effects. Whatever the necessary execution
- we put it in motion.

Live Action / Post Production

In addition to being hands-on in the design and animation process, we can provide on-set supervision or directing. Apart from more specialized VFX work, we also provide general colorgrading, as well as editing.

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